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After a year and a half of distributing “A Pint of Knowledge” via semi-regular e-mails every month or two or three, I’ve decided to transform the idea of “A Pint”, catch up with modern communication technology, and summarize my thoughts on craft beer on a more regular basis in the form of a BLOG.  Come visit the latest & greatest incarnation of “A Pint of Knowledge” at the following address:

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Past Issues of “A Pint of Knowledge” Newsletter

Year 2 (2006-07)

Issue #2 Stouts for Summer

How to beat the summertime heat… with a Stout!

Issue #1 The Best of the First Year

The best of all things beer from our first year!

Year 1 (2005-06)

Bonus Issue  New Jersey – The PorterState 

Dark rich brews from my home state

Issue #11The Winter Brews

A selection of seasonal beers to endure those chilly months

Issue #10 Beer Glasses… Not Beer Goggles!

How the right glassware can enhance your beer enjoyment

Issue #9Oktoberfests

Celebrate beer the German way!

Issue #8I Don’t Like Beer

How to win someone over who claims they don’t like beer

Issue #7 - What is Craft Beer?

Think different, Drink different!

Issue #6 - Fruit Brews

There's more to fruit & beer than the lime in your Corona!

Issue #5 - An EastVillage Pub Crawl

The story of two men, three bars, and maybe too many beers.

Issue #4 - Amber Waves of Grain

All about Wheat Beers, and their German origins.

Issue #3 - A Toast to Your Health!

Why drinking beer might not be as bad as you think... in fact, it can even be good for you!

Issue #2 - Hop! Hop! Hop!

A primer on one of the main ingredients in beer... Hops!

Issue #1 - St. Patrick's Day  Our Very First Issue

Irish Red Ales & Irish Dry Stouts, as well as some St. Patty's Day trivia.

Additional Resources & Information

Beer Basics for everything you need to know about beer… and then some!

Beer Links for other beer related websites and homebrewing resources.

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